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  • skalar
  • Hoi an
Pick a base: White rice, fried rice, noodles or salad.

1 – Phan Rang 1.890 kr.
Kimchi, sweet & sour vegetables, chicken, ginger-chili sauce and crispy potatoes.

2 – Hoi An 1.990 kr.
Kimchi, fried vegetables, beef, bang-bang sauce, garlic and cilantro.

3 – Can Tho 1.990 kr.
Kimchi, sweet & sour vegetables, beef, wasabi-mayonnaise and spring onion.

4 – Vung Tau 1.890 kr.
Fried vegetables, sweet & sour vegetables, shrimp and pork dumplings, wasabi-mayonnaise, spring onion and cilantro.

5 – Vi Thanh 1.990 kr.
Fried vegetables, sweet & sour vegetables, tofu balls, ginger-chili sauce and spring onion.

  • bento
Nam courses

Each course 790 kr.

Salat with ponzu dressing

Fried vegetables in teriyaki sauce

Sweet & sour vegetables


Fried rice

Edamame beans


Each course 1.090 kr.

Tofu balls

Beef with wasabi-mayonnaise


Ton Dak chicken

Chicken in bang-bang sauce

Dumplings of own choice with wasabi-mayonnaise

  • supur
Noodle soups

8 – Dumplings 1.890 kr.
Soup with rice noodles, dumplings of own choice, kimchi, spinach and garlic.

9 – Chicken 1.890 kr.
Soup with rice noodles, chicken, kimchi, spinach bang-bang sauce and spring onion.



Served with kimchi and wasabi-mayonnaise

6 pieces 1.690 kr.

9 pieces 1.990 kr.

12 pieces 2.490 kr.

  • banh mi
Banh Mi
Vietnamese baguette sandwiches.

6 – Chicken 1.390 kr.
Chicken, salat, kimchi, bang-bang sauce and spring onion.

7 – Beef 1.490 kr.
Beef, salat, kimchi, wasabi-mayonnaise and cilantro.


  • smarettir

Children’s menu

Tre Em bowl 1.090 kr.
Choice of base. Fried vegetables, chicken and Nam soya.
Juice and mango icecream.

2 Nam courses (children´s size) 1.090 kr.
Choice of two Nam courses (children’s size).
Juice and mango icecream.


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